Best Kept Village Competiton

KINGSLEY has entered this year’s best-kept village competition for the first time in over a decade. A group of villagers including those associated with the village hall, Parish Council and the Church plus others have come together to build upon last years Kingsley Clean Up.

However, we cannot do it alone and need the help of the whole community if we are to make a decent effort of things.

Please do join us for pre-planned events (check the local press and the halls Facebook page) or just do your bit be it outside your home or elsewhere in the village.

  • Please keep an eye out for litter and encourage others to use the bins sited throughout the village.
  • Whilst the majority tidy up after their dogs a minority don’t, its unsightly and unhealthy, and please don’t bag it and throw it in a hedge—bin it!
  • Remove weeds and debris on the pavements/road in front of your home
  • Front gardens are taken into account as judges look for evidence of residents pride in where they live.
  • Please help to keep the recreation ground clear of rubbish and litter.
  • Please take PRIDE in where you live and the community we are.
  • A big feature of the competition is community engagement and participation both in person and via social media.Of course, residents are free to do their own ‘clean-ups’ as time allows—please do share your photo’s and comments via the village hall Facebook page or email them to (please keep image size small)

    If anyone has suggestions where work could be done or if you are elderly and can’t do your own front garden etc please contact the coordinator and we will see if volunteers can assist.

    Supplementary Competitions



    There are three competitions that residents can enter. Details as below. Links to the entry forms are at the end.

Children’s Poster Competition


All villages entering the BKV competition will be invited to submit the three best children’s posters in the 5-7 and 8-11 age groups to the BKV Working Group. Prizes will be awarded to the best posters in each age group.

Children’s Essay and Poetry Competition

There will also be a competition for children in the same age groups (5-7 and 8-11) for poems or essays on the subject of “My Village and BKV”.  The three best entries in each age group should be submitted and prizes will be awarded in the best in each age group.

Spirit of BKV Competition


This competition is open to everyone over the age of 18, who are invited to submit paintings, sketches, photographs, poetry or prose (or indeed any combination of these) on the theme of the “Spirit of BKV” Entries should be submitted to the BKV Working Group and prizes will be awarded for the best submissions.

Poetry Entry Form 2019

Poster Entry Form 2019

Spirit of BKV 2019




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