Christmas 2019 Events a Great Success

The end of last month saw our annual Christmas events which have become a feature of village life since 2013. Its nice to see Kingsley Holt having village Christmas Trees as well which increases the sense of community.

Our Friday night Christmas Lights took on a different theme this year with a brass ensemble headed by local mass Russell Bevans playing a variety of Christmas tunes along with mince pies, cup cakes, hot chocolate and of course warm mulled wine. We had a great night and one of the older residents present, and a great supporter of the hall, Claire Johnson performed the switch on.

Our Christmas hampers, guess the weight of the cake competition and the Hetty’s Tea Room chocolate cake were very popular to say the least.

The Saturday Breakfast Santa was another great success and we sold out over 3 weeks before. Including volunteers, we did over 110 breakfasts and some 40 children saw Santa in his grotto. The hall made a decent return for the efforts of all the volunteers but the days when raising money was the main aim are at present secondary to ensuring the community has the opportunity to come together and enjoy events at the heart of the village.

Can we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Best Kept Village – Judges Feedback

This year saw the village entering the Best Kept Village for the first time in over a decade and followed a village hall inspired Kingsley Clean-Up in 2018.

At the competition awards ceremony, the village received a ‘highly commended’ award which was a testimony to the hard work of Alison Pooler the coordinator and those associated with the village hall and the community at large who made a real effort and a big difference.

We have now received feedback from the judge’s two visits to the village in May and June.

We have to say we are pleasantly surprised because the comments contained within the feedback can best be described as ‘attention to detail’ along with guidance to improve on this year’s result.

Indeed, reading the feedback you would be forgiven for thinking we had actually been placed if not a winning entry.

We are very much enthused and looking forward to 2020 with relish and seeking to work with the Parish Council to make our entry even better next time.

A big thank you and well done to everyone who got involved. We cannot do it on our own and don’t forget it’s your village and your community.

The judge’s remarks are to be found here in full


Scarecrow Fest 2019 – A message from Alison and Julie

When we were young, growing up in the village, the sense of community was massive. We had 8 shops and 4 pubs in Kingsley and 2 shops and 2 pubs in Kingsley Holt.

There were numerous events, such as the local carnivals, and everyone looked out for one another. All the kids played together in the streets or down the fields and it wasn’t unusual to have 20 plus kids playing ‘Stuck in the mud’, ‘Tic’, ‘Hopscotch’ or skipping; and bicycles were always out in force. Society has obviously changed and for good reason in many cases, but it’s meant that some of the community spirit has gone. The scarecrow Festival is all about recreating that community spirit.

We had scarecrows made by 7-year olds and by 80-year olds. No one really does it to win, but just to be involved. The buzz around the two villages was brilliant and the number of people that came, as always exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t do it without the scarecrow makers though – they get better and better every year and we can’t begin to tell you all how much we appreciate your support. Our kids, who are all local, love the fact that people stand your scarecrow up if it falls over and no-one bats an eyelid at little pots of money dotted around both villages.

A massive thank you to Kingsley Church, Kingsley Village Hall and Kingsley Holt Chapel for putting on refreshments; Kingsley school for doing all the photocopying and to The Blacksmiths for giving out entry forms. We love that the local amenities do their own scarecrows and join in the spirit every year.

Also thank you to Kingsley Village Hall Facebook page and Kingsley Holt News for their marketing and promotion. We aren’t really into social media, so really appreciate their expertise in getting the word around. A massive thank you to our judges over the 3 years, who have had the unenviable task of picking a winner. Each year they have donated extra prizes so we can give out more awards because it’s such a difficult choice.

The biggest thank you goes to the scarecrow makers and the public for making this event the success it has become. We are happy to continue for as long as you support it and we are looking for ideas for a theme for next year. So get your thinking caps on and we look forward to making next year even better!!

Julie & Alison xx

Kingsley Gardeners Association Show August 2019

The 77th annual show was held on the last day of August during a busy weekend in the villages as the Scarecrow Festival was held over the same period.

This summer has been a strange one with fluctuating temperatures and a good deal of rain. That said and despite the scarecrow festival the number of entries this year was a disappointment to the committee with just 22 competitors in the show compared to last years high of 39.

However, the standard remained very high and it was great to see the children’s entries including in the main growing section.


The individual trophy winners were as follows :

Walter Carnwell Trophy – Barry Clarke

Holdsworth Trophy – Stan Fowell and John Plant

Jamieson Cup – Barry Clarke

Hammersley Trophy – Barry Clarke

Cope Trophy – Barry Clarke

Whieldon Trophy – Jasmine Barker

Maynard Trophy –  David Johnson

R K Johnson Trophy – David Johnson

Barker Bowl – Diane Wheeler

Albert Clarke Trophy – Barry Clarke

Barry Clarke Novice – Daniel Johnson

Ben Fowell Trophy Jasmine Barker

A new award this year was to support to Kingsley Best Kept Village entry and was for the best-maintained planter barrel and this year the award went to Merv and Danni Flut who look after the Johnson Crescent planter. Well done and thank you.

A highly commended award went to John Mills who has looked after three planters in Ainsworth Avenue for a number of years.

The show made a slight loss on the day which has been a consistent theme for the last few years but the association remains stable financially and the resolve of the committee to continue to run the show is as strong as ever.

Tribute must be paid to secretary Carole Johnson who arranges the day and then performs duties throughout the event ensuring that the event runs smoothly.

Ideally, the association could do with someone to assist Carol in the afternoon as regards collating prize winners and prize money. If interested please contact the village hall who will pass the message on.

See you all in 2020!



Post office opening times February 2019

As from Thursday 7th February through to Thursday 28th Febraury inclusive the Post Office service at the hall will open as follows :

Mondays 2.45pm to 4.45pm (From Monday 11th)

Thursday’s – there will be no service on Thursdays during February.

This is due to staff holidays. Normal service will resume on both Mondays and Thursdays from Monday 4th March.

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