Results of the Village Hall Survey

At the end of January, the hall conducted an online survey predominately through its Facebook page. The survey was aimed to gauge awareness of the hall and the events and activities that take place on a  weekly basis.

It was also seeking views on the Post Office service which was reducing before COVID but has reduced more so since and also how people found out about the hall in terms of events, news and the like.

Well over 70 people answered the survey, they predominately came from the village and were aged over 30 by in large.

We were grateful for the support shown to the committee and it was pleasing to read that 27 people would consider volunteering at the hall and 4 said they would do so. However, no one emailed our secretary who’s email address was provided. Its on the survey results document if anyone wishes to join us.

Some comment was made about keeping in touch – a great way is to subscribe to this site – there is a link on the main home page and elsewhere. Each time we post an article like this you get an email.

One area we would wish to have someone volunteer on would around notice board updating across the village in terms of events, cancellation and news. If that interests anyone do get in touch.

For ease of reading the survey results can be found HERE




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