Best Kept Village – Judges Feedback

This year saw the village entering the Best Kept Village for the first time in over a decade and followed a village hall inspired Kingsley Clean-Up in 2018.

At the competition awards ceremony, the village received a ‘highly commended’ award which was a testimony to the hard work of Alison Pooler the coordinator and those associated with the village hall and the community at large who made a real effort and a big difference.

We have now received feedback from the judge’s two visits to the village in May and June.

We have to say we are pleasantly surprised because the comments contained within the feedback can best be described as ‘attention to detail’ along with guidance to improve on this year’s result.

Indeed, reading the feedback you would be forgiven for thinking we had actually been placed if not a winning entry.

We are very much enthused and looking forward to 2020 with relish and seeking to work with the Parish Council to make our entry even better next time.

A big thank you and well done to everyone who got involved. We cannot do it on our own and don’t forget it’s your village and your community.

The judge’s remarks are to be found here in full


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