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Village Hall Starts to Reopen

Following the government announcement on Monday (10th May), confirming that the next step of easing of restrictions will start on Monday 17th May we are pleased to announce that the hall will also start to reopen on that day.

There are restrictions still in place however in terms of numbers, face masks and the like.

Here is a list of which groups will be returning to the hall and on what date :

Tuesday 18th 7 pm to 8 pm – Zumba with Pete Ruscoe – due to numbers allowed there will be a need to pre-book. Pete will advise if there are spaces after his regulars have been spoken to.

Monday 24th 7 pm to 8 pm – Yoga with Lynne. Again limits on numbers mean this is pre-booking for regulars and all slots are taken.

Wednesday 26th 6 pm to 8 pm – Churnet Valley Dog Training – Contact Karen to book your slot via

Saturday 29th May 9 am to 12 noon – Churnet Valley Dog Training – Contact Karen to book your slot via the above link.

Other groups not yet coming back:

Guides – the local guides are meeting outside and are awaiting guidance from Guiding UK.

Fitness with H – Hayley advises that when this current step ends (21st June) and hopefully there are no number restrictions she will look to resume classes.  More details on her Facebook page

New Group at the hall

We are delighted to welcome Paula and Boogiemites to the hall – at present, it is looking like Monday 24th March from 9 am to noon each week.

More details here

One of Events

As regards a wider reopening the hall committee has made the decision that parties and one-off events will be considered once we enter step 4 on 21st June. We will keep you updated.

Results of the Village Hall Survey

At the end of January, the hall conducted an online survey predominately through its Facebook page. The survey was aimed to gauge awareness of the hall and the events and activities that take place on a  weekly basis.

It was also seeking views on the Post Office service which was reducing before COVID but has reduced more so since and also how people found out about the hall in terms of events, news and the like.

Well over 70 people answered the survey, they predominately came from the village and were aged over 30 by in large.

We were grateful for the support shown to the committee and it was pleasing to read that 27 people would consider volunteering at the hall and 4 said they would do so. However, no one emailed our secretary who’s email address was provided. Its on the survey results document if anyone wishes to join us.

Some comment was made about keeping in touch – a great way is to subscribe to this site – there is a link on the main home page and elsewhere. Each time we post an article like this you get an email.

One area we would wish to have someone volunteer on would around notice board updating across the village in terms of events, cancellation and news. If that interests anyone do get in touch.

For ease of reading the survey results can be found HERE




Village Halls Week Survey

In recent years ACRE (Action with Rural Communities in England) have organised a ‘village halls week ‘ to highlight the good works done in thousands of village halls up and down the country.

Our village hall which began life as a Reading Room in 1913 has been at the heart of village life ever since and its the wish of the committee for that to remain.

The current pandemic means our doors are closed, save for the Post Office which makes highlighted what’s on and the like a little difficult.

However, what we wish to highlight this time is the opportunity to contribute in shaping the future of the hall and ensuring we remain relevant for the 21st century.

We are doing that by asking everyone to complete a short survey via the link below. Its just 20 questions mainly tick box so shouldn’t take too long to complete.

We thank you in advance.

The survey is   HERE