Bhangra Blaze at the Wakes

We are delighted at how the wakes went on Saturday and we do hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Remember that whilst you were indirectly supporting the hall you were actually supporting your community.

Later this week we will post some great pictures taken by Graham Coates as well as detailing the day’s events.

However, firstly we want to promote the next two Bhangra Blaze classes at the hall. They are on 30th June and 14th July at 7.30pm.

Cost is £5 and it’s a great workout. They performed a short demonstration on Saturday just after 12 noon as they had to do another one in Cromford which was a shame as many of you will have missed it.

From talking to people it’s clear many are interested but not sure if it’s for them being concerned it’s too strenuous. The fact of the matter is you make it as intensive as you wish.

To attend either session contact Janine on 07769565012.

Here is a very short video to give you an idea. This is how it is – just you and some music!