Kingsley Clean Up 14th April

Well, we certainly picked the right day weatherwise for the cleanup.

First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who turned up and made a big difference.

Let’s put the morning into numbers?

30 members of the community in attendance
20 bags of soil and weeds removed
10 bags of litter picked
4 bus stops and their surroundings cleaned
200 yards of pavement weeded and cleaned
Numerous bins and signs washed down.
The Rose Garden weeded and edged
Bin on the recreation ground resited
42 rashers of bacon, 8 vegetarian sausages and three loves of bread eaten and copious amounts of tea and juice consumed.

We also did some work around the hall with the fencing given a fresh coat of stain and some weeding done as well.

We are also grateful that County Councillor Mike Worthington attended, donned a high viz jacket and helped to litter pick.

District Councillor Elsie Fallows was also on hand to offer her support as well as give cheques to the hall, Kingsley Brownies, and the Kingsley Holt Newsletter from her allowance.

A big thank to Eslie for her support from everyone.

All of the work has made a massive difference, however, the work to tidy up the Green and similar work opposite the Bull’s Head and around the old phone kiosk is particularly noticeable.

It is, however, an ongoing battle with litter reappearing hours after we finished both on the Green and on the rec where coke cans and Pringle’s packets were scattered around the swings this morning and again this afternoon despite there being a bin within touching distance.

Mums and Dad’s please educate your children to use the bins – there are numerous ones around the village so use them.

One last thank you should go to the Sue one of the village hall committee members. She saw no doubt what the rest of us saw, however, she was sufficiently motivated to raise the issue with the Council. Not only that she played a part in planning the day and organised everyone yesterday in terms of what needed doing and who was doing it. Big thank you to Sue.

We are planning another day – it looks like being 19th or 20th May as that is the only weekend we have free at the hall. We will advise everyone soon.