Kingsley Youth Club – Update

Some will have read the post on the halls Facebook page the other week asking about the proceeds from the sale of the youth club. The same question was asked in a letter to the ‘Stunner’ last week.

Whilst the matter is nothing to do with the village hall it is a matter that is causing some concern clearly to the community.

The following is a statement and comment that will hopefully provide the reassurance everyone has been seeking :

Support Staffordshire has helped with the wind-down and closure of the charity (Kingsley Parish Youth Club) through Knights solicitors of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The remaining funds were transferred to the Staffordshire Community Foundation in accordance with charity law.

It will form the basis of a new grant pot focusing on the Kingsley area which will be advertised in the spring.

Support Staffordshire will be alerted as soon as applications are open and we will be publicising it in the local press and to all on our database.

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The following is a quote from the Staffordshire Community Foundation :

The Kingsley Community Fund is a fund that is held by The Community Foundation for Staffordshire and forms part of our portfolio of funds for the Staffordshire Moorlands, which bring benefit to local communities.  The application process for all funds will be open and transparent and will be publicised widely.  It is expected that the fund will open for applications in late spring/early summer 2018’