New Fitness Class @ The Hall

Fitness picThe hall committee are delighted to announce that starting this next week there will be a three times a week fitness class held at the hall.

Run by Caz Owen the classes are aimed at ladies and aim to maximise fat loss and tone physique.

Previously at Unit 3 in Cheadle.

We wish Caz well in this venture and look forward to a long association with ‘Fitness with Caz’

There is a Facebook page that gives all the details and it can be found at

Times as follows :

Monday’s 9.30am

Fridays 9.30am and 6.00pm

All sessions are 45 minutes in length.


To achieve that toned physique, even females have to lift; a specialised Female only 45 minute high intensity circuit – maximise fat loss and tone your physique.

Lifting weights is traditionally viewed as a very ‘alpha male’ and masculine activity, but despite this females with fat loss and fitness goals can benefit from the approach. The BODY BLITZ circuit utilises lifting and fitness techniques, and is designed to introduce females of all ages and fitness levels to a more efficient method of working out, allowing you to truly make the most of your time.

After an engaging and interactive warm up, the next 35 minutes will crucially engage the larger muscle groups. By placing more demand on your metabolic system, this in turn leads to the desired effect of increased fat loss. Expect a variety of exercises with constant encouragement and motivation from me and will guide you though the session and into a dedicated cool down.

Everything you hated about working out; gone
Burn body fat and build lean muscle tissue, aka ‘toning’

Fun, engaging, exciting, motivational sessions

Achieve faster results with much less time in the gym

Gain confidence and reduce stress

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,
Increase cardio output and fitness

Build long-lasting social relationships