Village Halls Week Post 2 – Mondays

Welcome to this our first article as we start Village Hall’s Week.

As the song says ‘nobody likes Mondays’ but the hall has something to offer each and every day of the week.


From 12.30pm to 430pm each Monday the hall hosts a satellite Post Office where the Post Master from Ashbourne Road Post Office, Cheadle provides a full postal service at the hall.

Since the closure of the villages Post Office in around 2006 (Yes it was that long ago) we have worked very closely with the Post Master to provide a service to the community.

The loss of HSBC, Nationwide and the Nat West Bank’s in Cheadle will have caused issues for many people (we bank with the Nat West) but did you know that you can bank at the Post Office including cash withdrawals and deposits?

There is, of course, the usual Post Office Services including foreign currency, stamps, and parcels.

On Monday’s there is a small shop selling gifts and sweets.

Supporting the Post Office makes sure the service stays in the village but also supports the hall.

(Ironically this week sees a truncated service due to holidays so its 2.45pm to 4.45pm)

From 7.30pm each Monday during term time, as a rule, there is an excellent and long-running yoga and relaxation class run by Lynne Brunt.

Classes are very well attended and at times its standing room only!

Price is £6 a head and whilst its mainly ladies only men are more than welcome.

This terms classes actually start today (22nd January) – there’s no need to book in advance.