Blooming Marvellous ! Councillors aid Kingsley

Sue Hordern (2nd left) with the three councillors.

Since the spring a group of residents in Kingsley spearheaded by the Village Hall have formed the Kingsley Clean Up campaign that has seen around 30 residents joining

forces to take part in efforts to improve the visual appearance of the village.

This has seen litter picks, weeding, hedge cutting, cleaning bus shelters, signs and bins as well as identifying areas that need improvement.

One area identified was the planter barrels around the village several of which were getting dilapidated and others did not have anyone looking after them.

A bid was submitted to County Councillor Mike Worthington and District Councillors Elsie Fallows and Ivor Lucas asking that they pool their resources which was successful.

This has seen 10 new barrels purchased along compost and plants to go into them. Barrels in Ainsworth Avenue, Hazles Cross, Hollins Lane, and Church Street have been replaced. New ones have or will be sited on Barnfields Lane, The Green junction Johnson Crescent, and at the site of the decommissioned phone box on High Street.

In addition, two residents have volunteered to look after barrels on Holt Lane which are in the process of being replanted.

Said Sue Hordern, the inspiration behind the clean up ‘we are really grateful to the councillors for supporting the local community, these barrels will bring a splash of colour to the village’ she added ‘its really nice to see people wanting to look after where they live and getting involved in making the village better’

There are two maybe three barrels yet to be sited and it is requested that any suggestions where they might go are made via the village hall. To be considered then it is asked that a volunteer comes forward to look after the barrels each year.

The Clean Up campaign is looking to have its next event at the end of the month.


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