Hall Loses Two Regular Hirers

Sketch HeaderThe committee are very disappointed to report that Caz Owen’s twice weekly ‘Fitness with Caz’ class is ending with immediate effect.

This has come at short notice to the hall but we understand that a fall in attendance has been the cause.

What is doubly disappointing is the positive feedback we have received concerning the quality of the class and its value for money.

We are sad for Caz herself who has seen her venture come to an end.

In addition, Laura from Mess Makers has also ended her Thursday morning classes due to a change in personal circumstances but it is hoped she may be back in the future.

Both these two ventures were fantastic boosts for a village lacking many facilities and yet both to lesser degrees suffered in poor attendances.

Whilst the internet and Facebook are used by many the hall recognises that there needs to be a variety of media used to communicate events at the hall which is why both ventures featured on noticeboards in the village and outside the hall.

In addition, newsletters have been at the hall since before the EU referendum in June when over 700 people voted yet less than 25 newsletters were picked up.

From the hall’s finances point of view, there is now extra pressure on the committee to plug the funding shortfall we will now face over the next twelves months or more and we would urge the community to support THEIR village hall as we are merely custodians.

That support can be via use of the hall for family occasions as well as supporting such events as the forthcoming concert and other events we have planned for the coming months.

Other support can be by making use of the twice-weekly Post Office and supporting groups that use the hall.

As a committee, we are determined to see the hall through the coming months  but we do need your support.

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